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At RCW Law, Rebecca understands that a relationship breakdown causes enormous stress and uncertainty throughout the family and that it can be particularly hard to address your legal needs in the middle of the emotional suffering of a family breakup.  It is important to remind yourself that you and your family are not alone in this experience. 

Rebecca knows that you will benefit from support that empowers you to get on with life while honouring yourself and those in your care.

It can really relieve stress and minimise costs if issues in relation to children and financial matters are addressed sooner rather than later.

Once you can understand the process of how the legal system works in relation to the ending of your marriage or de facto relationship, how it affects the time children spend with parents and how relationship property is divided, you will be able to begin to better plan for the future.

Rebecca uses all forms of alternative dispute resolution methods to help resolve your matter without recourse to court proceedings - including informal negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Even if your matter cannot be resolved without court proceedings being commenced, the fact is that the Family Law Act court process relies heavily on dispute resolution and only about 5% of all cases commenced have to be decided at a final hearing.

Your long term satisfaction will depend most on how your matter is resolved. Issues concerning the ongoing welfare of children and financial issues, such as the taxation and superannuation implications of your settlement, have critical long term affects and need to be properly addressed in the terms of the settlement itself.

Rebecca can also refer you to other experts who work closely with her to assist her clients including:

For answers to your questions about any of my services or for a short obligation free discussion about your issues - please call Rebecca on (02) 4032 5673 or send her an email with a brief description of your issues and your contact details.

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Separating smarter

Did you know, you don’t need to argue? If it is safe to do so, there is a better way to separate. You can take ownership of your dispute. This video provides tips on how to separate smarter - whether you agree or partially agree, or perhaps you can’t agree at all.

3:45 MIN

Video and text copied from the FCFCOA website: 

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