Buying or Selling your Home or Investment Property in New South Wales?

Servicing New South Wales, Port Stephens, including Nelson Bay, Salamander Bay and surrounding suburbs, Rebecca will personally assist you face-to-face or remotely throughout your conveyancing transaction by providing you with advice in respect of the Contract of Sale, as well as guiding you through the steps that need to be taken whether you are a vendor selling your property and need to provide certain warranties and disclosure or a purchaser who should make enquiries and carry out your due diligence prior to the exchange of contracts.  

A property conveyance (i.e. buying or selling property) can feel overwhelming, especially if you have not considered the steps or previously been involved in the transfer of property from one person to another.

Rebecca was one of the first people to use the PEXA online property settlement platform in New South Wales and will competently assist you through each step of the electronic conveyancing process from pre-exchange to settlement.

If you would like a conveyancing lawyer who is contactable by phone and available to answer your questions, please contact Rebecca today.

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Fees and pricing 


Rebecca uses video conference, telephone, electronic signing, remote verification and email to communicate with you regularly throughout your conveyance and to assist the facilitation of the conveyance. Therefore, Rebecca is able to assist clients from all over New South Wales. Rebecca has regularly assisted clients from the local suburbs of Port Stephens as well as clients in Sydney and the Central Coast.  For local Port Stephens clients and anyone visiting the area, Rebecca will happily arrange a face-to-face appointment with you.

Common Third Party Fees for Purchasers 

Common Third Party Fees for Sellers/Vendors 

By appointment at Boat Harbour NSW, via telephone or video conference.

Servicing the people of New South Wales, Port Stephens including Anna Bay, Nelson Bay and Salamander Bay, Newcastle, the Central Coast, the Hunter region and Sydney.

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Phone: (02)  4032 5673